1965                Vermont: The Long Trail. S.> Banforth Ridge (Winooski R.) Camel’s Hump #1 to App. Gap; Warren to Brandon Vt.  w/ Bob Ball, Chris Baltus, Tom MacDonald, George Coates, Mark Arena.

1972                Vermont: The Long Trail.  S.> Danforth Ridge (Winooski R.), Camel’s Hump #2 (birthday), to Bean Camp.

1977                NY.  Finger Lakes Trail.  August w/Paul.  Bennettsburg, NY to Ithaca (Tremaine State Park), NY.

1979                NY.  Finger Lakes Trail, July.  S.> w/Frank Semmens.  Naples to Italy NY.

1981                Vermont: The Long Trail.  Jonesville S.> , Camel’s Hump #3, to Middleburg Gap (Ripton), then Johnson S.> to Jonesville.

  1. Adirondaks w/Dick Garth.  June. Loop: The Meadows, Algonquin, Marcy, Haystack, Slant Rock, Basin, Saddleback, The Gothics, Armstrong, Wolfjaw, JBL, VanDenBerg, Adrirondak Lodge.

Vermont:  Long Trail from Johnson N. to Canadian Border (NTroy, VT).

  1. Vermont and New Hampshire.  Appalachian Trail w/Dick Garth.  Junction w/Long Trail (Sherburne Pass) N. to Presidentials, Mt. Washington #2, and Gorham, N.H.     

N. Carolina – Tennessee border: Appalachian Trail w/Ginnie.  The Smokies: N.> Newfound Gap.

  1. Appalachian Trail w/Dick Garth (con’d. N.), June: Gorham, N.H. to Carrabassett Valley?  Sugar Loaf? BreadLoaf (?), Maine.

Adrirondaks.   Aug.  JBL Trail to Slant Rock, Haystack, Panther Gorge (birthday), Ausable, Colvin-Blake Ridge, Elk Lake, Dix Mtn.

1985                Appalacian Trail w/Dick Garth (con’d. N.), June: Carrabassett Valley, Cranberry Mt. to Mt.Katahdin, Maine.

1986                Italy: The Dolomites.

1985? Adirondaks. Columbus Day wkend.  Henderson, Colden and around Opalescent Brook Skylight, Flowed Lands.

1987                NY.  Appalachian Trail, Jan.  S.> w/Gerry Wildenberg.  Harriman State Forest, Greenwood Lake, to west of Warwick, NY.

Vermont. Mem. Day wkend. w./Garth.  S.> Middlebry Gap to Shelburne Gap (juncture App. Trail).

Vermont.  The Long Trail and Appalachian Trail.  S. Sherburne Pass (Garth leaves after Pico/Killington), solo past East Mtn. and Rte. 6 (Great Barrington). Massachusetts.

  1. Massachusetts.  Feb.29- Mar. 1.  Rte. 6, Jug End, Race Mtn., Lion’s Head, UnderMountain House Connecticut.

New York.  NorthVille – Lake Placid Trail.  N.>  W/Garth: Northville to Long Lake; solo: Long Lake, Duck Hole, Henderson L., Algonquin #2, Duck’s Hole, Lake Placid.

1989                New Hampshire – Maine. Mem. Day wkend. w/ Garth.  Mahoosic Notch and Arm, Speck Pond.  Mt. Washington #3.

California.  Pacific Crest Trail. N.  South of Mt. Whitney, Muir Trail to Red’s Camp; Teneyka Lake and Cloud’s Rest to Yosemite Valley.

  1. Vermont. Mem. wkend.  S.>  Danforth Ridge, Camel’s Hump #4, Mt. Ellen, return to Middlebury Gap.

California.  Pacific Crest Trail.  N.>  Red’s Camp through Yosemite N.P., Echo Lake.

NY.  Finger Lakes Trail.  October. S.> Italy, NY to ___.

1991                Washington.  Pacific Crest Trail. S.> Rainy Pass to N. Rainier (Shoshomie?).

Finger Lakes Trail. October.  w./ Fischl.  S.> con’d ___ to Bath NY.

  1. California.  Pacific Crest Trail. N.>  w/Bob Fischl; Echo Lake to Donner Pass; solo Donner Pass to north branch Feather River @ Belden.

Costa Rica.  December 29 and 30.  Chirípio. 

  1. Adirondaks, Mem. Day wkend. w/Bob Fischl, Pat Mallon.  Rocky Mtn., Giant Mtn., Slide Brook.

                        Adirondaks. late June.  w/Ada. Slide Brook, Owl’s Nest.

Hidalgo, Mexico.  San Pablito, Hidalgo to Tamazumchuale, S.L.Potosí. 

Finger Lakes Trail.  October.  w/Fischl. SE> nr. Hammondsport to cemetary W of Watkins Glen. 

1994                Adirondaks. June. w/Fischl.  Hurricane 2X and H. Wilderness; Round Mtn, Dix Mtn.

  1. Michoacán: Jan. 5-8.  Paracutín and return to Nuevo …

Jalisco:  Feb. 25-28.   Talpalpa to Venustiano Carranza (St. Gabriel); Tolimán to San Isidro; Cuidad Guzman and Fresnito; El Nevado de Colima and out toward Atenquique.

Veracruz: May 26-28.  Xometla to east flank Orizaba volcano (c.4600 m.) to Cuiyachapa.

Vermont:  August 10-17.  w/Fischl.   N> The Long Trail: Appalacian Gap (Rte. 17), Camel’s Hump #5, Bolton Mtn., Mt. Mansfield, Whiteface; out Jonson (Rte. 15).

Finger Lakes Trail: November 3-5.  w/Fischl.  E> Swain NY to Hornell NY.

1996                Japan:  May 30 – June 4.  Kamisuwa N. over Yatsuagake Range to Umijiri station; Nigasaki NE to Mizugaki and range; out at Edzan.

Adirondaks: Oct. 18 – 21.  w/Fischl.  West Canada Lakes Wilderness: Otter Lake; Brooktrout Lake; counterclockwise around Cedar Lake/River flow: Pilsbury Lake, dam, back to Brooktrout Lake & out.

  1. Mexico:  July 1 – 15.  solo.  Huauhcinango, Puebla; Zacatlan, Tetela de Ocala, Libres.  then: bus to Ciudad Serdan, Puebla, walk around Orizaba CW to Coscocatepec, Veracruz.

Finger Lakes Trail: October  10 – 12. w/Fischl.  Swain W thru  Dalton, Portageville, Genesee River, to Camp Rd, Pike NY.

1998                Washington State: July 7 – 23;  Pacific Crest Trail S>  Snoqualmie Pass, WA. southbound PCT to Cascade Locks, OR.

1999                Finger Lakes Trail: April 10 – 12.  w/Fischl.  W>  Heise Road (Eastman Hill, S. Danby) W. to Ithaca NY (Treman State Park).

Colorado: The Colorado Trail.  Aug. 2 – 22.  solo. W> and S>.

Denver, Jefferson, Georgia Pass, Breckenridge,Tenessee Pass, Mt. Elbert (14, 433), Hope Pass, out: Clear Lakes Rte. 24.

2000                Appalacian Trail, Connecticut:  Feb. 29 – Mar. 2; solo.   Undermountain Road Trail (Bear Mountain) S>  Salisbury,  > Cornwall Bridge, CT.

FingerLakes Trail: June 9 – 11.  solo.  N.Hornell,  E> Bath NY.

Guatemala: July 12 –  July 31.  Nebaj to Los Pozos; Todos Santos (La Ventana) to San Sebatián; Totonicapán to Nahaulá;  Volcan Pacaya; Tikal; Semuc Champey to Lanquin.

Finger Lakes Trail: Oct.  w/Fischl.  Heise Road, Whylieville  NE> Campbell Road, Dryden NY.

  • Pacific Crest Trail, California:  July 6 –22.   Solo.  Beldentown N> Lassen National Park; Hat Creek Rim; Burney; out  I-5 (Castle Crags State Park).

Finger Lakes Trail.  Oct. 4.   w/Fischl.  Dryden, NY, E> to I-81.

  • Appalachian Trail, Connecticut.  Feb.  28 – Mar. 2.  Ist night w/George Griffin.  Cornwall Bridge CT. > NYState border (Pawling NY).

Vermont: The Long Trail.  May 30 – June 5.  Solo. S.> Banforth Ridge (Rte 2A: Bolton Landing; Camel’s Hump #6, Mt. Ellen; Lincoln Gap; Breadloaf; Middlebury Gap; to Appalachian Trail junction, and E> to out Vt. 100.

  • Mexico:  spring:  La Malinche, Iztacclipetl (?) Orizaba March 29-30.

Finger Lakes Trail.  Solo  E>  July 13 – 18, S.  Cortland: I:81

> East McDonough NY.

Adirondaks.  Solo  NW > SE.  Aug 24 – 29.  Lake Placid, Duck Hole, Henderson, Calamity Crossover, Calamity Pond, Mt. Skylight, Mt. Haystack, Sawteeth, Ausable River to Ausable Club.

  • Appalachian Trail  Solo NE > SW.  Feb. 28, 29. Mar.1, 2:  Connecticut-NY State Line > Canopus Lake (Fahnstock State Park), NY Rte. 319.

Andorra and Spain: the Pyrenees (GR 11).  Solo.  W>  July 4 – 18, Andorra-La-Ville to Benasque (Collado de Vallibierna), Aragón.

Finger Lakes Trail.  One night w/Fischl, one night solo.  W>  November 5 –7.  Pike NY to Cattaraugus County line.

2005                Finger Lakes Trail.  Solo.  W> April 15 –17.    Allegany – Cattaraugus County line. (NY 243 – Huyck Rd.) to NY 240 (Ashford NY).

Equador.  Solo.  July 17 – August 15.  Laguna Quilatoa to Chugchilán  Chugchilán – Isiliví – Sigchos – San Francisco de Las Pampas – Río Damas  to  Alluriquín.  (Camino de Las Incas) Allupullas – Laguna de Las Tres Cruzes – Huasipamba – Ingapirca.

Finger Lakes Trail.  Solo.  W+S> Oct. 28 – 30.  Cattaraugus County.  NY 240 (West Valley Road), around Ellicottville, Little Rock City, to West Branch Bucktooth Run Road.

2006                Appalachian Trail.  Solo.   NE > SW.  Mar. 6 – 8.  Canopus Lake (Fahnstock State Park) Rte. 301 > x Hudson River to Rte. 9W (Bear Mtn. S. P.)

                        Finger Lakes Trail,  Solo.  Eastbound  Aug. 2 – 13.  East McDonough NY to Balsam Mountain Lake parking area, near Claryville NY.

2007              Appalachian Trail. COMPLETE!

Solo.  Begin: March 22, Springer Mtn., Georgia à N. Adams, MA.

jump to: Hanover NH à Mt. Katahdin, ME (summit October 13).

jump back for Vermont southbound: Hanover NH à North Adams, MA,  End: October 29, 2007.

2,175 mi./ 3,505 km.  222 days.

2008                Pacific Crest Trail.  Solo.  July 10 – 17.  N à S, Columbia River Gorge to Lobo Pass, jump around Mt. Hood, in Barlow Pass to Olallie Lake Resort. closed trail: snow pack.

Finger Lakes Trail.  Solo.  Oct 18 à 20.  E à W. West Branch Bucktooth Run Road to Pennsylvania border.

2009                Spain: Los Pireneos (GR 11). Solo.  July 10 – 26. W>   Benasque, Aragón to Selva de Oza, Navarro.  Benaques, Estós, Posets, Parzán, Las Pinetas, Fon Blanca, Torla, Bujarelo, Baños de Panticosa, Respomuso, Sallent de Gallego, Canfranc Estación, Candanchu, Ibóp d’Eslanés, Selva de Oza.

                        Finger Lakes Trail COMPLETED.  Solo.  October 29 – 31  W àE, BeaverKill and Spruce Pond to Kickamoose Mtn. parking area (Rte 49, Sundown NY) and the Long Path.

2010                Adirondaks solo.  April 23-26.  Loop from Keene Valley: John’s Brook, Lower WolfJaw, Little Marcy, Mt. Marcy Dam, Klondike Pass.

                        Pacific Crest Trail: snowbound and impassible.  Ashland OR, Dunsmuir CA, Burns OR.

                        October 29 – 31  Extending E from Finger Lakes Trail: The Long Path southbound..  From Catskills into Shawangunks,  à SE from Sundown NY into High Rock Falls (Minnewaska S.P.) Rte. 44 and 55.

2011                The Long Path, NY. April 28 to May 1.  SW> from Rtes 54 and 209.

                        Minnewaska S.P., Shawangunk Ridge, Bashakill Lake, to NY Rte 209 and C.R. 61.

                        Pacific Crest Trail.  Aug. 7 – Oct. 8.  N from Castle Crags S.P. CA (Castella, CA) through all Oregon to Cascade Falls, OR, Columbia River (bridge of the Gods).

2012                The Long Path NY to Appalachian Trail (High Point, NJ) (connected!), April 17, 18.

                        Iron Mountain Trail VA, S>Damascus VA (Trail Days), May 15 -18.

Spain: Los Pineneos (GR 11).   July 17 – 31. westbound from 2009.

                        w/ Dan Discenza: Guarrinza,, Plano de Taxeros, Isaba, Otsagabía, Hiriberri, Roncesvalles, Burgete.

                        solo: Burgete, Traupa, Elizondo, Atxuela, Etxalar, Bera, Irún, Hondarribía and the Atlantic Ocean.

                        Finger Lakes Trail, Oct. 19 -21.  solo.  E> Texas Hollow  Rd. (Bennettsburg) to Tremaine State Park, Rte. 96 (Ithaca).

2013                Finger Lakes/Onondaga Trails.  Apr. 27 – 30.  w/Fischl.  N> Cheningo Solon Pond Road to Shackham Road.

                        Vermont.  The Long Trail.  June 24 – 26. w/George Griffin.  S> Rte. 2, Bancroft Ridge, Camel’s Hump #7, Montclair Glen.

                        Peru.  Quebrada Santa Cruz, July 22-25.  Circuit.  Up from Parón (bus to ) in àVacquiera, Colcabamba, Punta Unión (4750 meters) s.l.), Quishur, out Cashapampa.

                        Finger Lakes/Onondaga Trails.  Oct. 31 – Nov. 3 w/Fischl.  N> Shackham Rd. to W. Lake Rd. (Rte. 12) DeRuyter Lake.

2014                North Country Trail (SW > extending from Finger Lakes Trail), July 16 – 23, w/Fischl.  Allegheny State Park.  (NY/PA border)  PA Rte. 346,  Blissville, Tionesta, to PA 948 Brookstone Road, Barnes PA.

                        North Country Trail (> W then S), October 11 -14 w/Fischl.  Barnes PA to Kelletville PA.

2015                North Country Trail (>S) April 26 – 29, w/ Bob Fischl.  Kellettville PA, Cook Forest State Park, Clarion River, out Gravel Lick PA.

                        Long Trail, Vermont.  (>N) June 12 – 15 w/ George Griffin.  Lincoln Gap, Mt. Abraham, Mt. Ellen, App. Gap Rte. 17, Moly Stark’s Balcony, Birch Glen, Montclair Glen, out: Dean Trail.

                        Andorra and Spain: Los Pireneos (GR 11) Cataluya. Solo. (>E).  Aug. 24 – Sept. 19.

                        Andorra en Vielle, Spain: Malniu, Puigcerdá, Planeros, Núria, Queralbss, Setcases, Molló, Beget, Talaixá, Bassegoda, Albanyá, Maçanet de Cabrennys, La Jonquera, Espollo, Llança, Cadaques (termination E-11).

2016                Finger Lakes Trail (Conservation Trail).  N> Solo. May 5 à May 7.  Gooseneck Road to Holland NY.

                        Finger Lakes Trail (Conservation Trail).  w/Fischl.  <slack-pack>  July 15, 16.  Holland (Erie Co.) to Bailey Road (Wyoming Co.) NY.

                        Finger Lakes Trail (Conservation Trail).  w/Fischl.  <slack-pack> Sept. 18,19.  N> Bailey Road (Wyoming Co.) to Summer Road, Co.Rte. 21 (Darien Lake Park) (Genesee Co.).

2017                Vermont.  The Long Trail.  June 11 – 15. w/George Griffin.  N> Rte. 108 (Smuggler’s Notch), Madonna, Whiteface, Laraway, to Rte. 118 (Belvedere) , Eden VT.

2018                Vermont.  The Long Trail.  June 8 – 10.  w/George Griffin.  N> Rte. 118, Eden VT to Rte. 58 Jay VT.

                        France. Hautes Alpes. (GR-5.)  Solo. Sept. 17 – 28.  S>  Briançon, Brunissard, Ville-Vielle, Ceillac, Maljasset, St. Paul sur Ubaye, Jausiers, St. Etienne sur Tinée, Auron, St. Sauveur, La Bolline, St. Dalmas.

2019                Pacific Crest Trail.  Washington.  Sept. 18 – 22  Solo.. N> Rainy Pass à Hart’s Pass.

2020                Finger Lakes Trail.  Oct. 1-4 w/George Griffin.  S> Rte 38 (Star Stanton Hill Road) Dryden NY to Tamarack Shelter Rte. 96B.  

                        Finger Lakes Trail.  Oct. 22 + 23.  Solo.  ß>  Tamarack Shelter Rte 96B to overlook of Spenser, W. Danby, Hill Road.

2021                Vermont.  The Long Trail. solo. June 17-18. loop: Monroe TrailCamel’s Hump #9 , accident. Montclair Glen Shelter.  Kate and Elijah. Out Dean Trail.

2022                Spain. Cantabria into Asturias.  Picos de Europa. Solo. S -> N. June 4-7. Espinama, ref. Aviles, Sotres, Poncebos.

                        Finger Lakes Trail.  Oct. 18+ 19.  w/Bob Fischl  ß>  Michigan Hollow Road.  Rte 79.

2023                North Country Trail. Aug. 30 and 31.  Solo.  SW> thru Cook Forest.

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